Struggling To Start Journaling?

Journaling in a notebook can give you clarity on all the small and big things going on in your life.

Journaling is a great way to record your day, record your feelings, write down your goals or brain dump your thoughts so that you can have a clear mind.


Journaling in a notebook can give you clarity on all the small and big things going on in your life.


But when you are ready to journal, you get your book, find your pen, sit down and then….. your mind goes blank.


Here is the Bizzo Collection’s 10 Starting Tips For Journaling.


  • Reflect on A Quote

When and how often does the quote pop into your head, what does it mean, what can you learn from it.


If you can’t think of a quote but want to try one to get you going, try where you can add a topic in the search box and pages of quotes will download for you.


  • Answer A Question

Is there a question going round your head, What am I doing here, how do I succeed with my business? Jot the question down and start answering it, you can write lines and lines or just bullet point ideas the come to mind.


  • Write About A Goal

Where do you want to be, what do you need to get there, who do you need to help you get there, what is the timescale on this goal. It has been shown that writing down a goal makes you more likely to achieve it as you have something measurable to work from.


  • Write About Events You Have Attended

Have you been to a big concert, West End show or football match? Write down when you went, how you felt when booking the tickets, how you felt when you were there and your feelings since the event. Would you do it again?


  • Write Down Your Fears

What is on your mind at the moment. Write the fears down and then add to the list what is the worst thing that could go wrong, then revisit the list and look at what would happen if your fears did not happen.


  • Write About Your Travels

Where did you go, how did you get there, what did you do when you got there, how did it feel when you were on holiday. What plans have you got to do it all again or do you want to go somewhere else next time.


  • How Are You Feeling Right Now?

Jot down how you are feeling, when the feeling started, what is making you feel the way you are. What do you want to change?


  • Brain Dump

Don’t try to organise it or find any logic to it just write down what is in your head so you can start the day with a clear head. Later you can go back and try to make sense of it all or just leave it there on the page.


  • Ideas

Big or small, what do you need from the supermarket, what do you want to watch on tv next week, what idea have you had to take over the world and make your millions.


  • Gratitude

Everyday jot down 3 things you were grateful for during the previous day. It could be a small thing such as you had a nice cup of tea or a big thing such as you got a new job or pay rise yesterday.


Try one of these 10 Starting Tips For Journaling today to get you writing and the Bizzo Collection notebooks are a great place to store your scribblings or if you are one of those people that works better with answering a question then the Bizzo Collection Self Care Journal contains 24 pages of prompts and questions to help get your words flowing.


This is just a starter for 10 of ways to start journaling. What prompt do you use to start your journaling? Leave a comment below:-

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